Student Massage

You will benefit from a great massage from our students.
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Student Clinics Saturday & Sunday (conditions apply). Qualified Massage Practitioners, check health fund eligibility are available Monday-Sunday by appointment only.

Fee Options
STUDENT MASSAGE FEE $49 per treatment (prepaid)

- Days/times subject to change/confirm when booking.

- Arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment time and check in at Reception.
- No confirmations will be sent for pre booked appointments.

- All pre booked student clininc appointments are non refundable & non transferrable.

Payment for all appointments must be made when booking. 

- Until payment has been made you can go on the standby list. 

- Appointment is not confirmed until payment has been made - Check day and time       availability as schedule may change.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Your attention to the following will assist clinics run smoothly.

  1. Arrive 10 minutes prior to your booked appointment time and check in at Reception.

  2. Clients who have had surgery are required to wait 10 weeks/or provide written doctors consent before having a massage.

  3. Pregnant clients are not permitted in the student clinic and are advised to see a qualified practitioner.

  4. Massage policy/child under 18 yrs can be viewed on the website in Student Clinic Section. Essential to advise at time of booking of anyone who is under 18 yrs of age. Clients under 18 yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

  5. No confirmations will be sent for booked appointments. Appropriate underwear must be worn.

  6. Student massage is not eligible for health fund rebates.

  7. 1 hour massage includes Health Assessment prior to treatment and may include a postural assessment.

   9. Confidential feedback form given at end of massage. Honest feedback assists student development.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or to reschedule requires a minimum of 48 hours notice.  Cancellations or rescheduling can not be done by leaving a message on the answering machine. Appointments that have missed are considered used and fee is non refundable/transferrable. Your understanding in regard to the students gaining professional practice is appreciated.

Massage Therapies

Therapies that may be available include: Relaxation, Remedial, Sports, Trigger Point, Lymphatic Massage or Myofascial Release.  Specific therapies may be requested when booking.  We will do our best to accommodate your request however this depends on what students we have on the day and therapies students are required to practice.
For more information on benefits of these therapies see
Treatments section.

Clinic set up and procedure - What to expect

Regular Massages are carried out in partitioned off areas.
Approximately 8 students may be present on student clinic days.
Students work under supervision to master their clinical massage skills.


On arrival

Please register at reception at least 10 minutes prior to your session time.

Students will greet you in the waiting room and direct you to the massage area.

Students will run through a Health Assessment Sheet, discuss your needs and ascertain your treatment plan for the session.

Students will leave the room for you to undress, get on the table and cover yourself with towel/sheet as directed.

You will receive your massage for the remainder of the allocated timeslot. Enjoy!

Whilst you are receiving your massage the clinic supervisor will visit the area to observe the student.

When the massage is complete the therapist will again leave the room for you to get dressed.

You will be provided with a Feedback Sheet to complete and return to the tray in the waiting room.

We encourage you to rebook your next massage at reception before you leave!

You are welcome to sit in the lounge area for a while before driving.


Are you Pregnant?

Pregnant clients are not permitted in the student clinic and are advised to see a qualified massage practitioner.


Have you had recent surgery?

Clients who have had any significant surgery will be required to wait 10 weeks or present a Doctors Certificate of consent prior to receiving massage.


What to wear

Wear normal, comfortable clothing.  Appropriate and full underwear must be worn (ie. no g-strings). The practitioner will leave the area for you to undress to your underwear, and will instruct you to lay on the table face up or face down and cover yourself with a sheet or towel.  Your privacy is our major concern and you will be covered with towels/sheets and only the area being massaged is uncovered during treatments.


Working with Children (under 18 years) - SIBT Policy

This policy is in regard to students providing massage in the student clinic.

Definition of a child: A person under the age of 18 years


Students are advised not to massage a person under the age of 18 years unless:

- the student has a current Working with Children Check (NSW) and a parent/guardian is present or

- the person under 18 has demonstrated independent maturity and the ability to give informed consent regarding the massage.

Evidence of maturity may include: Living independently, employed and paying taxation, is a parent


It is not acceptable ONLY to have a parent/guardian present whilst the student is carrying out a massage on a child.  When a student has a Working with Children Check (NSW) certificate, the guardian/parent is still required to be present for the whole massage treatment.

Group Bookings

Get your family or friends together for a special occasion such as a wedding party, holiday group or simply a group of friends.  Book ahead so we can guarantee you a time when you can all come together.  Discounts may apply for 4+ attendees.



Health Fund Rebates do not apply

Student massage does not provide health fund rebates.  If you wish to claim health fund rebates please book in with LakeSpa qualified massage practitioners.


Your feedback is important

You will be asked to fill out a feedback sheet at the end of your massage.  Students do not see these sheets. This feedback assists in the therapist's development and therefore your honest feedback or suggestions are appreciated.  Any concerns can also be discussed with the clinic supervisor in confidence.

LakeSpa Massage &Treatment Options

LakeSpa Qualified Massage Practitioners – Health Fund Eligibility  1hr - $89 to $100
- Relaxation/Remedial Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Hot Stone Massage - Sports Therapies - Trigger Point Therapy - Lymphatic Massage - Myofascial Release Therapy - Ear Candling - Lymphoedema specialist
Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Counselling

Click here for more information on the benefits of various Massage & Bodywork Therapies


Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

- Supports good health and all bodily functions by increasing your circulation, reducing your stress and promoting healing and recovery to injured or degernative conditions.
- Regular massage will treat the dysfunction causing pain and discomfort and activate your healing.
- Regular massage provides you with a sense of well-being, physicaly, mentally and emotionally.
- Massage does not replace regular exercise but does assist improve joint mobility and range of motion.


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