Dates: Sat/Sun 14&15/5/22

Times: 9am-5pm

CPE Hours: 14

Regular Price: $598


This practical hands-on workshop will be of interest to bodywork practitioners who are fascinated and interested in working with fascia and wish to integrate myofascial work into their clinical practice. The workshop focuses on the fascia surrounding the axial skeleton from the atlanto-occipital, through the cervical, thoracic (including the vertebra costal and sternocostal) and lumbar region to the sacroiliac regions. Practitioners will assess through observing movement patterns and by palpation. Advanced myofascial techniques will be introduced to assist the gentle mobilisation and treatment of dysfunction in these regions.

Facilitator:  Terri Bless| Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release Practitioner


Ensure you have read and understood Rules and General Conditions of Enrolment prior to enrolling.

Myofascial Specialisation SAT/SUN 14&15/5/22

$598.00 Regular Price
$498.00Sale Price