Maggie Sands

Managing Director/School Principal - School of Integrated Body Therapy, Founder/Director - Lake Spa Wellness Centres, Life Member/Director, Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), National and International Experience

Maggie has had extensive experience in the natural medicine profession, her original training was in 1975.  Her journey into massage commenced in 1980 with a Remedial Massage Course, then over the next decade she qualified in Naturopathy/Herbal Medicine and a wide variety of bodywork modalities.  Maggie’s journey then led her to a deeper focus on the psyche of the body and she completed an intense Somatic Psychotherapy training during the early ‘90s with ASPA (Australian Somatic Psychotherapists Association).

Maggie has held a Directorship position of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) from 1987 and she has been honoured with Life Membership of the Society in 1999.  She was elected to the position of Vice President on two separate occasions which collectively spanned 15 plus years  and held the position of President/Chair 2013-15.  During this time she continuously served on several major committees that assisted to guide the natural medicine industry in Australia.  Maggie was re-elected as a Director to the board of ATMS in November 2017. In early 2017 Maggie independently nominated for the Australian Industry and Skills Council (AISC) Complimentary Health Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and was offerred a position on the committee. In this role she participates in the development of vocational training packages for the Complimentary Health Industry sector.
 Her background in the fitness industry spans 2 decades. Maggie operated 2 highly successful aerobic studios which employed 10 aerobic instructors. During this time she presented over 5000 fitness, relaxation and stretching classes. Maggie was a founding member of the NSW Fitness Centres Association (FCA), a Director of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) for 7 years and a national aerobic competition judge for 3 consecutive years. Maggie has also trained practitioners overseas more recently in stretching and resistance training.
 She has successfully orchestrated over 35 training programs internationally to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore and is currently liaising with other countries who are interested in developing Remedial Massage skills to the standard taught in Australia by SIBT. Maggie, with the assistance of the Australian Trade Commission, has achieved considerable success internationally.
 For 5 years Maggie also led groups of practitioners to the East Kimberley area of North West Australia to visit sacred sites and spent time with traditional indigenous land owners.Her long standing passion is to assist others fulfil their personal dreams and grow through bodywork and natural medicine education. Maggie still travels extensively and is a gifted public speaker.


Chris Beazley

Senior Trainer/Assessor, National and International Experience, Student Clinic Supervisor

Chris commenced his Massage training with the School in 1994 and has massage qualifications in Therapeutic, Remedial, Sports Therapies, Integration Therapy, Reflexology, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy. Chris has been a teacher at the School since 1997 and currently teaches VET training packages for massage. Chris has a special interest in assisting course participants to grow and gain a deeper understanding of “massage as a profound healing modality”.  In past careers Chris has had a wide variety of professional experiences all of which led him to embark on his journey as a Massage Practitioner.  Chris has international experience teaching massage in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Terri Bless

Senior Trainer/Assessor, National and International Experience, Student Clinic Supervisor

Terri has had an interest in massage since suffering with pneumonia as a child that was largely treated with massage techniques. She has a background in the stockbroking and sales industries. After having her children she wanted a career that allowed her flexibility to be a mum and provide her with some part-time income. Since commencing her training with SIBT in 1996 Terri has completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage, Diploma in Sports Therapies including Sports Massage, Diploma in Sands Integration Therapy, Myofascial Release Diploma, Remedial Therapies Diploma, Trigger Point Certificate, Working with Lymphatics Certificate, Hot Stone Therapy Certificate and has attended numerous workshops. Terri has been a student clinic supervisor and trainer during the last 3 decades and currently teaches the VET Massage training course and the Myofascial Release Diploma. She also teaches a variety of professional education workshops for massage practitioners and has teaching experience in Singapore. Terri also has her own successful practise on the Central Coast, NSW.

Wendy Sawley

Trainer/Assessor, Student Clinic Supervisor

Wendy originally  trained as a Remedial Massage practitioner and Reflexologist in 1997 in Sydney. Since that time she has had several successful massage clinics in both Sydney and Coffs Harbour and currently has a practice in Forster called “Massage on Wallis”. Wendy's 21 years of clinical practice have provided substantial on going opportunities to master the skill of Remedial Massage and how to build a successful clinical practice. During Wendy's years as a practitioner she has specialised in Remedial and Sports Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy . Her treatments are client outcome focused with the intent to restore mobility and or reduce musculo-skeletal discomfort. Wendy thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and the opportunity to see students develop into effective Massage Practitioners. Wendy is also developing workshops for the SIBT/CPE program and looks forward to sharing her knowledge not only with students but fellow practitioners.

Irene Tasho

Trainer/Assessor, Reflexology

Diploma Reflexology, Diploma Facial Reflexology, Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Irene’s many years as a Ballet dancer and teaching dance has given her a unique understanding of the structure and function of the body which has helped her in her work with clients and also the teaching of these body systems.

She is an accredited trainer and professional member of The Reflexology Association of Australia.  The many post graduate courses in Cranial Sacral Reflexology, Facial reflexology for children with special needs, for Neuro & Brain, for infertility and hormonal issues as well as Neuro Foot and Hand Reflexology have helped her to develop her skills and achieve greater results with her clients.

Irene is passionate about spreading the awareness and the benefits of reflexology and seeing it being used more widely in the community. 

Michael Trembath

Remedial Massage,Samvahan Practitioner/Trainer

Michael Trembath’s approach is to help you learn to listen to your body and coach you into healthy relationships with your body, your life, the people around you.  Michael is a uniquely qualified therapist with 22 years of clinical experience and extensive training from Europe, the USA and India.  He has spent years studying with some of the world’s greatest healers, including Mahatma Gandhi’s doctor, a Zen Master, and the Ayurvedic physician for H.H. the Dalai Lama. He teaches regularly in Austria, France, India, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.  With 10 years of business experience before studying healing, Michael understands the demands and challenges of creating a practical balance in life. An exceptional sensitive and compassionate therapist, Michael’s touch is gentle yet penetrating, whether using. His warm, welcoming style of touch is supported by a B.A. in Psychology, a B.S. in Business, a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, and certificates in Samvahan, Zentherapy, Triggerpoint Anatomy, and Ayurveda. Michael’s work has been reviewed in a cover story by Massage Magazine (USA), and in Australian articles in WellBeing, Nature and Health, Nova, and Body and Soul Magazines.

Karen Jenkins

Holistic Remedial Massage Practitioner/Somatic Therapist

Karen Jenkins is a qualified Holistic Therapist with more than 25 years experience in Remedial Body Work, Psychophysical Healing, Vibrational Medicine and is a mental health peer worker. Karen has lived experience working through the body-mind connection on a Somatic level using movement, sound and Biodynamic bodywork. Karen's work is influenced by her own healing journey and her spiritual-cultural background as a proud Darkinjung woman.

Deb McGinlay

Remedial Massage Practitioner/Lymphoedema Specialist/R.N.

After graduating with the School of Integrated Body Therapy with a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 1997, Debbie continued her journey through the field of Complementary Therapies and Natural Medicine attaining a Diploma of Aromatherapy. Debbie’s background in nursing, specialising in chronic wound care led her to complete Level 2 in Lymphoedema Therapy, Management and Education. Debbie has also achieved qualifications in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master and Theta Healing.

Chris McGrath

Remedial Massage & Polarity Therapy Practitioner

My journey into Alternative Medicine and specifically, energy based therapies began more than 40 years ago in 1971, when Acharya, my first Hatha Yoga teacher inspired me. Yoga and Meditation have been important in my life since then. 

In 1985, I was introduced to the Chinese Taoist way of energy understanding through the practices of Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong. I have since completed formal Tai Chi and Health QiGong Instructor training. 

In the 1990s my paths converged when Polarity Therapy helped me overcome a debilitating broken back. I subsequently trained in Remedial Massage and as a Polarity Practitioner in Sydney and Europe. 

Polarity Therapy combines understandings from Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient European health traditions. 

I have been offering Polarity Therapy, Yoga & Meditation, Tai Chi & Health QiGong in  retreats in various locations since 2008. In 2011 I wrote, “SelfWise – Tools for the Journey and Sustainable Health Choices”. It incorporates self-help ideas and best practices. 

I began teaching Polarity Therapy in 2006 at a health retreat in the Blue Mountains where I has resident manager. Since then I have taught Polarity Therapy in Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. I am a member of the International Polarity Education Alliance and Chair of the Australian Polarity Therapy Association.

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