Meet Our Practitioners

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Mitchell Beer | Chiropractor

"The power that made the body heals the body” This simple phrase spoken by the creator of Chiropractic is the foundation of my approach to health. Our bodies natural state is to run, jump, dance, laugh, eat, work and play and it is my passion to help clients get back to enjoying their life by providing the ideal conditions and alignment for their healing to occur. The techniques I use are tailored to my patients preference  and requirements that range from gentle realignment of the pelvis with the placement of wedges, gentle mobilisation of the spine and extremities, manual adjustments, soft tissue treatment, exercise therapy and cranial-sacral therapy. I'm a believer in practising what you preach and I encourage my clients to nourish, move and care their bodies, after-all our human frame is our most precious possession! During the week and weekends I enjoy weight lifting, yoga, surfing, hiking and running. On weekends you can find me attending my local farmers markets, buying fresh, local produce to nourish and maintain my health. I am grateful for my role in assisting people achieve their health goals including reducing pain, enhancing the ability to be more involved with family activities, marathon preparation or maintaining a healthy spine and the function of the nervous system. Im looking forward to treating you!

B.Sc., M.Chiro | Medicare Doctor Care Plans (EPC) - Conditions apply | Health fund rebates

Nikita Mohan | Chiropractor/Dry Needling *On Maternity Leave*

Hi my name is Nikita.

I'm a Chiropractor, who graduated from Macquarie university in 2009. I have been practicing for over 9 years. Growing up in a environment of natural medicine and been a regularly adjusted kid, my journey into chiropractic began very early on. With deep embedded values of health and wellbeing and passion for kids and nervous system I have years of experience in pregnancy and  paediatric Chiropractic care. To provide the most comprehensive care I use various techniques from manual adjusting to low force activator and cranial techniques. I furthered my studies by incorporating dry needling, and a Diploma  in Homotoxicology, a form of Homeopathy to provide the most  holistic care.  I look forward to meeting you and providing the chiropractic care and information you need towards your journey to health and well being.

B.Sc., M.Chiro | Medicare Doctor Care Plans (EPC) - Conditions apply | Health fund rebates

Kane Anderson | Chiropractor

My chiropractic passion is centered around family wellness care. When it comes to treatment, I like to look at the body as a whole. I seek to create an efficient and functional nervous system, to allow the best health outcomes for my patients. To do this I use a range of different Chiropractic methods, specializing in Diversified Technique, Activator and Drop Table. I also use Trigger Point soft tissue work before my adjustments to help with your care as a patient.  I care for pregnant mothers, to newborns, to the elderly. I like to create a family environment, looking after parents and their children. I really enjoy seeing families grow and thrive together.I went to school at Gorokan Primary and High Schools.  I grew up always playing sport, including Rugby League, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Squash, Hapkido and more, so I always knew that my career was going to be in the health industry. This led me to my Sport Science degree. This course created a drive to pursue health further, when I discovered Chiropractic and all it had to offer. The more I looked into it, the more I loved it. So, after 4 years of commuting to Macquarie University, I completed my Masters of Chiropractic in 2011.I have lived on the Central Coast my whole life and have an understanding of this area. My wife, Beck, and I both live an active lifestyle and are highly involved in the local community here on the Coast. I currently play cricket for the Northern Power, am a member of Toukley Golf Club, a Life Member of Toukley Rugby League Football Club, as well as playing some Touch Football and Mixed Netball with Beck. We have just had our first baby girl in June 2015. We are both extremely proud parents and I love nothing more than being able to treat my baby girl and watch her thrive.

ND | DBM | Dip Nut | DRM

Michelle Townsend | Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Wellness Consultancy

I qualified as a Naturopath in 1995. After spending time in my clinic in Sydney I travelled overseas, studying Kinesiology in England and teaching Touch For Health courses in Ireland.  I also spent 6 months in Africa spending some time with natural healers in remote villages in Zimbabwe and Tanzania.On returning to Australia I resumed private practice in Sydney before moving to the Central Coast in 2003.  I have over 7 years experience working in health food shops which has provided me with extensive knowledge of the many natural therapy products and supplements available.  With 2 children of my own I have a passion for children’s health and wellbeing.I have had extensive clinical experience with conditions like Type 11 Diabetes; thyroid problems; stress and adrenal exhaustion; eczema and psoriasis; irritable bowel and coeliacs disease; hormonal problems including menopause and polycystic ovarian disorder. And for weight loss you can’t beat the detail and motivation provided by the body composition test!My aim is to raise awareness and help people gain a greater understanding of themselves. The more we know about ourselves, the more we can do for ourselves.  Finding the unique picture for each individual is the basis for understanding what will best suit a person and building on regular healthy lifestyle choices to aim for true wellness.

BExSc. (Equiv to ExPhys) | Dip. Remedial Massage | Health fund rebates

Naman Sinha | Massage Practitioner

I hope to connect my clients to a greater understanding of how their body works and how massage therapy fits into the larger overall concept of health. With a degree in Exercise Science from the University of British Columbia, Massage Therapy training from the SIBT and knowledge gained from over 25 years of Yoga, Mediation, and Martial Arts I have a strong understanding from both Eastern and Western perspectives of wellbeing. My appreciation for what massage therapy can do for someone comes from having personally recovered from two serious car accidents. Building relationships with clients is only part of my goal; I hope to add to the culture of health and wellbeing in the community. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and meeting all of you.

Dip. Remedial Massage | Dip. Myofascial Release | Dip. Integration | TAE40116 Cert. IV Training and Assemssment | Health fund rebates

Terri Bless | Massage Practitioner/Trainer/Assessor

Welcome to my bio. I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I have a long standing interest in Natural Medicine and Remedial Massage and completed my formal education in 1996. I have been in private practice since that time at various locations offering my client's varied styles of bodywork. In the late 90's I went through the teacher training program for the School of Integrated Body Therapy and have been consistently involved with undergraduate VET training for massage and offering postgraduate training for accredited practitioners to assist them gain their compulsory continuing professional education. I am a qualified trainer and assessor and thoroughly enjoy assisting clients to improve their health, mobility and sense of wellbeing. I have a passion for massage, both treating and teaching which now spans 3 decades. I will very much enjoy the opportunity to assist you on your journey to health.

Dip. Remedial Massage | Health fund rebates

Mere Montgomery | Massage Practitioner

Hi my name is Mere and thank you for visiting my bio. I have lived on the central coast for most of my life and initially was drawn to train in massage from my interest in being able to help others and my interest in well being.

I initially qualified as a massage practitioner in 2015 and have been working in  the industry since that time. I am a mum and have integrated my massage career into my family life with children interested in various sports massage has been invaluable in assisting their physical health. I enjoy working with my clients from all walks of life and ages. I can work remedially to assist you with tight or sore muscles or to recover from more painful conditions. I also specialise in pre and post pregnancy and lymphatic massage. I look forward to seeing you at LakeSpa and enhancing your journey to wellness.

Dip.Remedial Massage | Adv.Dip Community Services Management | Cert.IV Youth Work & Mental Health | Health fund rebates

Ron Meenahan | Massage Practitioner

Hi, I'm Ron and welcome! My prior background is in Community Services, namely Youth work and Mental Health outreach support. I have a passion for assisting people to achieve wellness and ease in their bodies. I'm fascinated by the intricacies of health and wellbeing which have led me to qualify as a Remedial Massage Practitioner. I enjoy walking alongside and supporting people in their journey through life. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you to achieve excellent health.

Dip. Remedial Massage | Health fund rebates - check eligibility with office

Megan Scheid | Massage Practitioner

My journey in the health & wellness Industry commenced in 2001 with School of Integrated Body Therapy at Charmhaven where I completed a variety of modalities including pregnancy and lymphatic massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and working with chronic disease clients. I graduated in 2004 with the Diploma of Remedial Massage. The body continues to amaze me and my goal has been to help people feel better about themselves. I really enjoy the opportunity to assist others. My career has taken me from working with clients into management where I have owned and managed large day spas in Sydney and on the Central Coast. I have a post graduate in management qualification and qualifications in beauty services as my passion was to keep learning about the skin and body. I enjoy connecting with my clients and have now returned to hands on treatments. I look forward to be able to connect with you by helping you feel better about your health, well-being and about your skin by offering you performance facials, skincare advice and/or remedial massage therapy. My treatments aim to help you physically and mentally feel better and improve your health as we work through the challenges at the present time. I very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Dip. Remedial Massage | ND | Dip. HOM | DB.M | Health fund rebates

Fionna Middler | Massage Practitioner

Thank you for reading my bio. I originally commenced my studies in 1992 and now have over two decades of experience in the natural medicine industry. I originally qualified in 1996 in Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Remedial Massage. Completing a four year qualification in Naturopathy provided me with a deep understanding of the human body, and how it functions physically, mentally and emotionally. As accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS ) I have worked with a diverse range of clients of all ages and I hold a current working with children’s certificate (WWC). Since graduating I have continued to update my knowledge, attending various courses and seminars. I further went on to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at the University of New England. My continuing thirst for knowledge has recently lead me to upgrade my skills in a remedial massage training at the School of Integrated Body Therapy (SIBT). As a mum I understand first hand the numerous stress's life can bring. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to assist maintain your health or recover from any health challenges you may be experiencing.