CPE Events

Nationally Recognised Training

Lower Limb Biomechanics and Orthotic Therapy

Unscarring Tissue

Cupping Therapeutics

Treat Frozen Shoulder

Working with Lymphatics

Mastering Your Own Energy (1)

The Technician & The Healer

Somatics and the Bodymind

Treat Brachial Plexus Impingement

Reflexology Expanded

Herbal Manufacturing, Liquid & Topical Preparations

Polarity Therapy Integration

Treat Head Pain - Headaches/Sinus

Facial Fundamentals for Bodyworkers

Remedial Stone Fusion

Lymphatics Specialisation

Empowering a Woman’s Transition in your Clinical Space

Myofascial Specialisation

Massage for Chronic Pathologies

Australasian Herbal Therapeutics 

Attend in person or via Live Streaming

Mastering Your Own Energy (2)

Herbal Energetics (3 weekends at bi-monthly intervals)

Attend in person or via Live Streaming